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Inspection Request


Thank you for your interest in our Free Property Inspection! Please visit our locations page and find the Storm Guard location nearest you to submit your request.

What To Expect

Inspection In-Text Image COnce you schedule your free inspection, we go to work. First, we’ll walk the grounds of your entire property, searching for exterior hail damage that may reveal itself as bruising on garage doors, wooden fencing, HVAC units, and other home elements. Then we’ll inspect your roof, looking for dents and marks in soft-metal vents, shingles, and gutters. We’ll look for wind damage as well. Strong winds can lift shingles, eventually jeopardizing the integrity of your roof which can lead to leaks in your ceiling.

There’s No Obligation

Really. If for any reason you decide not to use our services, you can send us on our Inspection In-Text Image Bway. However, you may be surprised that it often takes the trained eye of a Storm Guard professional to discover what property owners can’t. And insurance companies are ready and willing to remedy this hard-to-see damage, knowing it will likely lead to bigger claims down the road – resulting in much costlier replacement of shingles, siding, decking, sheet rock and other building components.

In most cases, you’ll find our services are covered by your property insurance policy. What’s more, we do all the work dealing directly with your insurance company. And in cases where damage is not covered by your policy, our team of professionals can provide you with a reasonable quote to get your property restored.

Ready to Get Started?

Find a Storm Guard location near you to request your Free Property Inspection now!