Our Claims Process


Our Claims Process


Sometimes, doesn’t it seem like dealing with insurance companies just isn’t worth the hassle? Well, that’s understandable. Because this isn’t something you deal with every day. Storm Guard Does. And we’re really good at it.

That’s why when it comes time to file your claim, Storm Guard steps in to handle it on your behalf. Just say the word and we’ll be on your insurance company’s doorstep, ready to solve your problems for you – residential or commercial – following our easy 7-Step Claims Process.

  1. Property Damage Inspection – Storm Guard will complete a property inspection to document the damage to your property’s exterior.
  2. File Your Claim – You will inform your property insurance company that you are working with Storm Guard Restoration and request for your adjuster to contact us directly to schedule the inspection.
  3. Adjuster’s First Contact – Your insurance adjuster will contact Storm Guard to schedule the inspection. If you are contacted, give your adjuster the phone number for your Storm Guard representative.
  4. The Adjuster Meeting – Your Storm Guard representative and insurance adjuster will meet to determine the scope of property damage and begin the financial settlement process on your claim.
  5. Material and Color Selection – With our guidance, choose the products and colors you prefer for your property’s new exterior. After this, your project will be placed into our production schedule for completion.
  6. Construction – This is the most exciting part of the Storm Guard process for you, as we restore your property back to its original condition and value.
  7. Inspection – One of our qualified inspectors will visit your property to ensure the project was done to the highest of Storm Guard’s standards.

Straightforward. Simple. Done!


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